"Quod me netrit me destruit."
What nourishes me also destroys me.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hate to Say "I Told You So, but . . ."

Childhood Autism Now Firmly Linked to Environment


This article ties in nicely to a previous post of mine entitled, "Less is More."  This is an easy read and touches on many of the toxins that are also likely to be a driving force in the rise of EGIDs in the United States.

"Since the '70's, there has been a 60-fold increase in American children with autism. Currently one in every 100 U.S. children and one in every 58 boys are being diagnosed with autism. That's over 2.6 percent of all male children in America. The number of autistic children expected to reach adulthood in the next 10 years along with their caregivers will exceed the population of Rhode Island and cost an estimated $27 billion in additional care beyond the almost $60 billion being spent on current autism-related costs. (1,2)" 

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